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Customer Says

Dr. Nitin is a wonderful person to begin with. His sessions and discussions ooze out positivity and leave a lasting impact on you, to say the least. His personalized counselling sessions are conducted in the most non-conventional ways and make you re-invent yourself. Be it daily life hassles or trauma or anxiety, Nitin Sir is the perfect therapist/guide/mentor/friend. The best part about these sessions is that he never spoon feeds, he focuses on brain storming and making clients capable enough of handling adverse situations themselves.
Tanushree Markandey
Dr. Saraswat has been exactly the mentor I was looking for. His unique and individualized approach for his each patient is rare to see these days. His friendly demeanor helps you open up to him in no time… just like a good friend he is always there for you. Cliché I know, but he really is there… just a whatsapp message away. I have never experienced involvement at such a level from any doctor in my life. Super Grateful for all his help, clarity and wisdom!
Mukta Chauhan
If you need a friend, if you need a guide to help you glide through the hurricanes your life gets you into, or simply when your own brain starts playing games and makes your life a mess dont think twice before contacting Dr. Nitin. He has very simple solutions for the biggest problem in your life. The best decision i have taken in my life was to seek his help.
Neha Vats
One of the best inspirational space dedicated to spread awareness , good thoughts and positivity that motivates the users to seek happiness within and keep negative thoughts at bay . Motivational thoughts and videos by Dr Nitin Sarswat are simply awesome and help to bring a sea change in the behavior and lives of innumerable people . Highly recommended page
Ritu Wadhwa
Dr. Nitin has a beautiful mind and thus sessions with him creates a positive attitude towards life and helps you gain your self confidence. I would say counselling at its best
Ritesh Agarwalla
Dr. Nitin saraswat has always been a great support to me , he is intellectually very developed ,understands everything ,is a known councellor, has an open mind and has the will to do all the great things and make good changes in the world.
Sarah Benjamin

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