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Our Story

Dr Nitin Sarswat is the founder of Moulding Thoughts. It is an Organization that  has been serving in the field of human resource development activities since the year 2000. We offer trainings, workshops and courses on Mental Wellbeing, Soft Skills, Motivation, Communication Skills and Personnel Management. We also offer seminars on various personality traits, personnel training, counselling and analytical behaviour therapies.

Moulding Thoughts excels in customised workshops and sessions that are bound to bring in the desired positive changes through effective training methodologies. We have been infusing the blend of ‘Psycho-Spiritual’ approach into the sessions that ensures lasting transformation. Our time tested methods and psychological analysis makes the sessions absolutely practical and game changer.  Some of our clients  – AMDOCS , CRS, Zenith Bank Nigeria, Zenith Insurance,  international giants like Etisalat ,Deutsche Bank , Aptech International; various government departments , corporates and several academic institutions.

Our Mission

Dr Nitin Sarswat is a dedicated life coach with a mission to add smiles to lives and optimize every Talent .

Our Vission

Don’t Live just half the life. Discover Your Untapped Potential , Unlock your Ever Present Bliss.


What Life Coaching Does To Help You
Bad times, unfavorableresults , traumatic pasts and at time lack of drive all can make you feel you are no more capable of being happy . Even the success around you can make you feel belittled.
The human relations at times can make you feel as if this the code you never can crack. Daily spats, ugly arguments and losing relations and love can surely bring the spirits down.
At times things as trivial as your skin colour or body weight can make you feel You need fixing. All of a sudden everything around you may start to feel worthless and life may feel like a burden . Even the “success” may start to mean having a certain job, looking a certain way and living a certain lifestyle.
This all-emotional state can be very taxing and at times can weigh down even the strongest.
This is when a life coach, counsellor like Dr Nitin Sarswat who comes with international experience, wisdom of psychology, ancient texts, NLP and counselling techniques can lift you up. All you need is clarity,


We recommend that you work with a personal life coach for a minimum of one year. This will ensure you build a trusting relationship and have time to work through any limiting beliefs or other inner blocks that are holding you back. All life coaching programs start with a complimentary 30-minute strategy session where you identify barriers and set challenging goals. You will then go through the following steps with your life/ business coach.

    During the first few months of working with your life coach, you will work with your coach to identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back from unlocking an extraordinary life. This step is what really makes Tony’s life coaching programs unique. Before you can tackle goals in your career, relationship or health, you must first do inner work to develop a greater understanding of yourself, your habits and how you view yourself and the world.
    The next three to six months of work with your life or business coach will focus on developing patterns to help you overcome these beliefs and achieve breakthroughs. These patterns will become regular habits that you can use for the rest of your life.
    The rest of your work with your personal life coach will focus on reinforcing your new patterns and using them to achieve the goals you set in the beginning of your coaching program. As you achieve goals, your life coach will celebrate your successes with you and help you set new goals to tackle.

With a Tony Robbins Results Coach, you will utilize the best resources, life coaching programs and coaches in the world to create an extraordinary quality of life. Start Tony Robbins Results Coaching today, and gain the resources you need to perform at your best!

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